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John Novak
In 1976, Abba was dominating the world with their popular music. Then in 1982, they decided to have a break…..but they never reunited. The musical and movie, ‘Mamma Mia’, revived the popularity of Abba and also introduced a whole new generation to the magic of those wonderful songs. In 2000, a group of musicians and musical theatre performers decided to take the music & costumes that made Abba famous, add the fun, glitz & glamour of the musical ‘Mamma Mia’ and create a show they call…….FABBA. FABBA has now become a popular corporate, cruise ship and international act. While the members are dedicated to replicating the Abba sound, they have also added the theatrics and modern style to the songs as seen in the musical/movie “Mamma Mia”. Every show is tailored to suit each individual event and function from costumes, scripting, and audience participation right through to the actual song list. They can work with a live band or be completely self -contained. FABBA will take you on a fantastic journey from Eurovision to Mamma Mia and places even the Priscilla bus hasn’t been!! The members of FABBA truly love what they do and they would like to ‘thank Abba for the music’…… but most of all they would like to thank Abba for never doing that reunion tour! TRAVELS FROM: New South Wales
Unlocking the power of the mind to reach one’s full potential has seen world famous athletes, premiership-winning football teams and the corporate world alike look to the expertise of mind coach John Novak. An author of three books and creator of ‘The Boomerang Effect’, John has worked as a sports motivator and mind trainer for over 20 years with elite athletes who have earned National, International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games recognition. Currently Head of Mind Management for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs NRL team and providing ongoing counsel to world class athletes such as Olympians James Magnussen and Melissa Wu among many others, success has followed wherever John’s proprietary ‘Boomerang Effect’ philosophy of ‘best-self’ has been introduced. John’s experience in the inner sanctum of elite sport in Australia is supported by his previous work in academia, including as Head of Sport Management and the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS). With over three decades of experience in speaking and lecturing, John uses his vast knowledge of mental preparation in elite sport to highlight what it takes to succeed ‘above the shoulders’. John delivers a focus and mindset to his audience that can be implemented in the boardroom, workplace, and across any role or industry. TRAVELS FROM: New South Wales
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Damien Tomlinson
Damien Thomlinson, Author|Keynote Speaker
It was while serving in Afghanistan with the 2nd Commando Regiment that Thomlinson's life was changed forever. In April 2009, whilst on night patrol in Southern Afghanistan, Damien's unit drove over an improvised Taliban bomb. Damien suffered horrendous injuries in the explosion, which resulted in both of his legs being amputated. The damage to his body was so severe his medical team claim it is a miracle he wasn't killed. In fact there were many times throughout his immediate treatment and beyond that medical staff did not think he would pull through. Most people could not imagine recovering and moving on from something as debilitating as the loss of two limbs - but Damien isn't most people, and giving up is not in his nature. Instead of sinking into depression and retreating from the world, Thomlinson decided to treat the loss of his legs as another challenge to be overcome, a challenge that would forever change his life. With no time for self-pity, Damien threw himself into his rehabilitation and set about re-claiming his life, on his terms - a testament to his incredible drive and determination. With a great deal of commitment and hard work he taught himself to walk again with state of the art prosthetic legs. His inspirational mission has seen him undertake challenges that would faze an able-bodied person, let alone someone with prosthetic legs. He has participated in the TARGA Tasmania classic car rally to raise funds, and has even walked the demanding Kokoda Track - a 96km trek through the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Damien walked Kokoda to remember his best friend Private Scott Palmer, who was tragically killed in a helicopter crash one week before returning home to Australia. Private Palmer's father walked with Thomlinson to honour his son's memory. TRAVELS FROM: New South Wales
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Shane Heal
Shane Heal’s sporting career is an enthralling tale of the rewards of hard work, passion for what you love and overcoming challenges. Mainly thanks to his 6 foot frame, Shane Heal had some doubters on his rise to the highest levels of professional basketball. However, Shane never let his size prevent him from pursuing a career in the sport. Shane put in the hard work required to achieve his dreams and always aimed to be fitter than the rest and shoot and dribble better than everyone else. The hard work paid off. Shane went on to an extremely successful career in the NBL, captained the Australian team and was recruited by clubs in Greece and the USA. In addition to everything he has achieved on the court, Shane has also been involved in business outside of basketball now for over 15 years. Shane is a versatile speaker able to deliver keynote addresses relating to leadership, communication, motivation, culture and team building including a drill that can involve up to 12 audience members. Drawing from his experience as a professional athlete and businessman, Shane's presentations are delivered with a mix of stories and humorous anecdotes from his sporting and business achievements. TRAVELS FROM: South Australia
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Cheryl Koenig
At the age of twelve Cheryl's son, Jonathan, was involved in a horrific car accident. He was given very little chance of survival and when he did miraculously pull through doctors predicted that he would most likely never walk, talk, or even eat again. Cheryl refused to accept this prognosis and set out on a relentless quest to save her son. Her fervent hope that he would one day be well again was poignantly expressed by his many school friends who filled their school prayer room with hundreds of handmade paper cranes, symbols of hope and healing. Now, 13 years on Jonathan has completed his HSC and a TAFE course and is currently learning to drive. He can walk well, and has just begun to run; he can snow ski; swim laps; play tennis and astounds many with his piano playing skills. All this as well as working five days a week in four part-time jobs. Cheryl has written about her remarkable son in her book Paper Cranes: A Mother’s Story of Hope, Courage and Determination which chronicles her family’s journey through despair, denial and anger, to eventual acceptance and healing. Cheryl volunteers much of her free time assisting in development of government policy and services in the health care arena, as well as a huge commitment to fundraising. She has also donated a significant amount from proceeds of sales of Paper Cranes to various hospital foundations established to improve brain injury services. In 2009, Cheryl’s work was recognised when she was awarded NSW Woman of the Year. Cheryl was further honoured in 2014 when she was awarded an O.A.M in recognition of her service to people with disabilities, their families and carers. TRAVELS FROM: New South Wales
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Jimmy Thomson
Jimmy Thomson is a Scots-born author, scriptwriter and journalist now based in Sydney. As a journalist, Jimmy has worked in Scotland, London, Kenya and New Zealand as well as here in Australia. A scriptwriter for Australian TV, he has also worked in Hollywood and the UK. As an author, he’s gone from the battlefields of Vietnam to the mean streets of Sydney’s Kings Cross and (in spirit, at least) to the cricket ovals of the world. He writes a weekly column on apartment living for the Sydney Morning Herald and has a regular slot on ABC radio. His exposure of dodgy developers led to a change in strata law in NSW. At the other end of the spectrum, he’s interviewed Hollywood stars at the Cannes and Venice film festivals. In his TV career, Jimmy’s determination to learn as much as he could about the business saw him work behind the scenes on productions as diverse as Gladiators and the Logies. Meanwhile he created three drama series, including the ABC’s Rain Shadow, starring Rachel Ward, and earned three comedy scriptwriting award nominations. As well as his TV and newspaper features and columns, he’s written several books including Snitch (the truth about Sydney’s Underbelly), The Original Tunnel Rats (the true story of the Aussies who discovered the Vietcong’s ‘secret weapon’), The Koala Who Bounced (a children’s book still selling after 17 years), the biography of a prominent Australian cricketer (to be published in 2011) and, jointly with Sue Williams, Apartment Living, a survival guide to high-rise life. Jimmy is a witty, entertaining and experienced speaker on a huge range of subjects, from crime in the Cross to apartment living, via the Viet Cong tunnels and behind-the-scenes in TV ... and doesn’t pull his punches in any of them. TRAVELS FROM: New South Wales
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“It was great working with both you and Rachel. Thank you for putting me in touch with her - she is truly amazing!” Sophie Keele, Mental Health Professionals Network
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Kylie Jaye
Kylie Jaye (or KJ as she loves to be known), started her career as a TV host for Channel 10 and has since built an impressive media career in corporate speaking, presenting and broadcast production internationally. Warm, tall, sassy and smart, Kylie has presented and produced more than 35 television series across four continents in the areas of lifestyle, health and wellness, business, travel and food including breaking into the notoriously difficult US market, where she worked for major networks including Discovery Channel, TV Guide Network and E! Entertainment as both presenter and producer. That she has pioneered lifestyle programming and succeeded in arguably the world’s most cutthroat industry is no surprise considering the challenges faced growing up in rural Australia. Born into an unusual family, she has a blind mother, grandmother and two brothers, Kylie faces the world with a unique perspective, mindful of what her family has had to overcome. And inspired by every individual’s ability to shine. As her success and reputation grew, life delivered an unexpected challenge, when Kylie was diagnosed with a rare medical condition in 2002. Using her well-publicised ‘Self-Health’ mantra and background – expertise and advice usually reserved for her viewers – Kylie rebuilt and re-energised, mentally and physically surprising her team of specialists. Kylie is also an accomplished author, penning 10 books including Australian best sellers ‘Graze’ (Food) and ‘Strike a Pose’ (Fitness). Her latest is a self-improvement /growth book, ‘Look at it This Way’, will be published in 2016. She has also been profiled across many business and lifestyle publications, including Australian Women’s Money, Natural Health Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald Weekend Magazine in Australia. Kylie is a force, a presence who delivers memorable events either as MC and host, or as a keynote speaker. TRAVELS FROM: New South Wales
Kylie Jaye, Author|Keynote Speaker
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